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Now, that’s not an easy thing to go through, especially for grown men.

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(My future memoir: .) In fairness, I can’t blame the company for this: I struggled to find the motivation to fit in class time around my real job, and I also didn’t have the powerful driver of graduating or getting a good grade.But I also came to appreciate what many students had told me about virtual learning: Compared with regular school, there’s less interaction with teachers, fewer opportunities for creative expression, and little chance to bounce around ideas with classmates.Few of us would argue that hours and hours of consecutive screen time is a good thing—even those of us who write for publications on the internet.It can detrimentally affect sleep cycles; it can affect the cognitive development of young brains; and if not kept in check, excessive screen time can harm children’s physical and mental well-being.The class also had lots of little helpful add-on functions, like a bookmarking mechanism for longer pieces of text, an electronic notepad, and a thesaurus look-up feature. But I could also relate to the boredom many students told the Teacher Project they experience.In the math class, for example, most instruction was delivered by way of videos running no more than a minute or so at a time, and I became familiar with the friendly face of a balding, bearded teacher who, with the aid of basic animations, explained concepts to me like fractions and ratios.While online learning clearly has some strengths (programs can be tailored to individual needs, for instance), it’s hard to get away from an overarching conclusion: The experience as a whole can be pretty boring and lonely.

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That’s true, and worrying, for a growing breed of teenagers who are spending more and more of their school time in front of computers because their districts don’t want to teach them any other way.

I got in touch with one of the biggest players in the online-education sector, Edgenuity, and asked to be set up as a student.

The company assigned me to sixth-grade math and senior-level English.

Of course, if students had already read some of the full texts in their first attempt at the credit, perhaps the pace and scope made sense.

But, for me, it seemed at once too slender (because the excerpts were too short) and too overwhelming (because there were so many of them to get through alone).